Posted by: blausteinhhs | November 23, 2013

Strange Organism is Oldest Eukaryote

Strange New Organism picture

A recent discovery of a single-celled organism found in a lake in Norway is so genetically unique that scientists cannot classify it into one of the known 6 Kingdoms of Life.  Read the article in that explains this discovery. Click here to access the article.

After reading the article answer the following questions in FULL Sentences and then Post.

  1. Why do scientists call a newly discovered single-celled organism ‘mankind’s furthest relative”?
  2. Why is it so unique?
  3. Why did they place it in the Protist kingdom?
  4. What are organisms with membrane-bound internal structures are called? Give an example of a membrane-bound organelle.
  5.  Why isn’t this organism an animal, plant, fungi, algae or protist?
  6. What are flagella? How many does this organism have? How many do most single-celled organisms have?

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