Posted by: blausteinhhs | September 3, 2011

A New Way to Think About Earth’s First Cells

Scientists have modeled what the first cells on Earth may have looked like and how they may have formed.  Read the article (A New Way To Think About Earth’s First Cells) AND watch the two videos on the right hand side of the page:  Click here for link.

Answer the following questions in FULL SENTENCES after reading the article and viewing the videos:

  1. Why did researchers at Harvard University model primitive cells in the laboratory?
  2. Where do scientists believe prebiotic molecules or protocells were formed before the origin of life?
  3. How are the tiny spheres of fatty acids (miscelles) arranged?
  4. Name 2 or more elements that make up hydrocarbon chains.
  5. What do the hydrocarbon chains eventually form (hint: type of macromolecule)?
  6. What do the fatty acids attach themselves to?
  7. What do fatty acids form when they attach together?
  8. What part of the “modern” cell is the spherical vesicle?
  9. Summarize the main reason the article was written or the main points of the article in three (or more) sentences.

Click on Leave a Comment.  Enter your answers (comments) in the Leave A Reply section. Lastly, POST Comment when you are finished.


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